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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Ideas 

Make this the best Mother's Day ever by gifting Mum with something unique, without breaking the bank. 

Check out our top Gift Ideas for something a little out of the box this year:

1. Tongue-in-cheek Art Prints 

Fun Art Prints, gifted in pairs or triptychs, are an original statement gift that will transform a blank wall or reinvigorate a tired space. We love all things retro & kitsch this year. Our top picks for Mum would be anything inspired by Cocktails (she deserves one or three!) 

2. Head-turning Home Decor

Wow her with a show-stopping over-sized piece of Decor, like our Giant Resin Clam Shell (that can be used as a cocktail bucket or for fruits), or our Large Monstera Vase for a major gifting moment. 

3. Deco inspired Jewellery Organisers

Our Jewellery Boxes, Dishes & Trays are a thoughtful gift, that will give any glam space a luxurious touch (while also being very practical) 

4. All things Maximalist

Maximalism is 2023's hottest interior trend. It's fun, opulent & unapologetically extra - perfect for the #1 Lady in your life! Why not impress her with our printed Large Chinoiserie Plant Pot or some Hellenistic Sculptures for some big Goddess energy. 

5. Affirmation Bath Mats

Everyone should be starting their day with a positive affirmation! Remind Mum how amazing she is with our You Look Great Bath Mat. 


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