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Behind The Scenes Glance at Blown Glass

Take a dip into our Droplet range and discover masterly crafted, modern glassware pieces formed through ancient techniques.

Heard of blown glass but not sure what it is? More than just a buzz word, blown glass is the name given to an ancient technique of glass manufacture where molten hot melted sand (with a melting point of 2000°) is mouth-blown using the utmost precision and care by a skilled master craftsman. This temperamental technique requires expertise and patience to yield the most marvellously unique pieces in exquisite shapes and fluid forms.

Gigi & Tom blown glass Droplet range of drinking coupe and tumblers

What are the key benefits of mouth-blown glass? While machine-made glassware can achieve stunning results also, there are certain characteristics which can only be achieved through handblown or mouthblown techniques. Typically, mouthblown glassware will have greater refraction and clarity, and due to its hand-made nature, can achieve more unique designs and one-of-a-kind pieces. In terms of execution, you can also achieve glassware that is more refined, thin and lightweight, with a seamless finish.

Gigi & Tom Blown Glass Droplet Range of Coloured Vases, Drinking Coupes and Tumblers

As modern technology has advanced and demand for consumer products has increased, there is a greater need for speedier and more efficient manufacturing processes of a higher volume; enter machine blown glass which utilizes machines to mimic the process of handblown glass. The pros of machine blown glass is a consistent product across your yield, a quicker and more efficient production process, reduced room for error and less risk for the glass makers involved. Though production, consistency and efficiency are increased through machine blown glass, what you lose in return is the ability to create more uniquely shaped pieces with seamless quality.

Gigi & Tom blown glass Droplet cocktail coupe
As our homes continue to function as an extension of our personality and style, the homeware pieces we select become more and a more a way to express our individuality. Younger generations are leading the charge with breaking away from traditional design rules, stacking their shelves with a mix of unexpected shapes and colours that spark joy and individualism. Rules around glassware have particularly loosened; and while sipping your favourite spirit from a more conventionally shaped piece of glassware has been proven to enhance the drinking experience, there is no right or wrong when it comes to filling your proverbial cup whether it be tumbler or coupe, with your favourite spirit, seltzer, cocktail, mocktail or kombucha.

On that note, it’s 5pm somewhere so cue the ice cubes or pop the bubbly, our latest Droplet range of blown glassware is begging to be taken for a spin, sip and spritz!

Happy Styling x GIGI&TOM

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