From Garden to Glass: The Art of Floral Drinkware

From Garden to Glass: The Art of Floral Drinkware

Classic meets contemporary in a collision of linear and curved lines for maximum drinking pleasure.

Believe it or not, it is possible for florals to be in bloom year-round! The secret’s out, with our best-selling range of Ribbed Floral Drinkware that you just can’t seem to get enough of. This stunning range of wine glasses, tumblers and cocktail or champagne coupes suit varied drinking needs and décor styles. With a unique, five-petal shaped lip, this floral inspired glassware range provides a feminine aesthetic to cocktail hour juxtaposed against the masculine ribbed finish in a harmonious play of rounded and rigid lines.

We’ve taken inspiration from this collection of fun and flirty drinkware with a floral based recipe to suit our ribbed drinkware; a perfect addition to your next garden party, housewarming, kitchen tea or bridal shower.

From calming lavender to bright hibiscus, sweet cherry blossom to refreshing elderflower, floral flavours have long been distilled into sweet syrupy elixirs that boost the fragrant quality of cocktails (or mocktails!), warming teas or refreshing tisanes. There are no hard and fast rules on floral pairings; after much muddling and mulling it over we’ve chosen our pick of the bunch below to inspire your tastebuds to travel a little further along the garden path.

Raspberry & Rose Champagne Cocktail
This bright berry-licious combination is a famously perfect pairing found on many a cocktail or dessert menu. In pastry circles, acclaimed French pâtissier Pierre Hermé coined the term Ispahan – named after the variety of pink Damask rose found in the city of Isfahan in Iran – to refer to the flavour combination of raspberry, rose and lychee which has since become one of his signature flavour combinations. The luscious dessert, which consists of two circular rose flavoured macaron discs encasing a rose petal and lychee cream, bordered by a ring of fresh raspberries has become so well-known that other patisseries have adopted the name on their own menus when utilizing this fragrant floral and fruit forward combination.

For our Champagne Cocktail, we’ve chosen to focus on the ruby-rich hued rose and raspberry though this fragrant pairing can easily be tweaked to broaden its appeal.

Pre-Serving Tip: Chill your glass in the freezer before serving or fill with ice cubes beforehand.

Taste variations:

  • Add a bright, herbal note by garnishing with mint or basil leaves.
  • Pay homage to the Ispahan with a garnish of lychee for a wonderful addition for those with an extra sweet tooth!
  • Replace the Champagne or Sparkling Wine with a zero-alcohol option or soda or sparkling water for an equally effervescent, non-alcoholic alternative.

125g punnet of Fresh Raspberries
1 x bottle of Rose Water (can be found at local supermarkets)
750ml Chilled bottle of Champagne or Sparkling Wine (white or rosé to suit personal preference)
Optional: Rose petals to garnish

1. Muddle half punnet of fresh raspberries till pureed (strain out pulp if a smooth puree is preferred)
2. Mix in a few drops of Rose Water into puree (start slowly and taste, rose water is highly flavoursome)
3. Spoon tablespoon of raspberry rose puree into base of Ribbed Champagne Glass Coupe
4. Top with Champagne or Sparkling Wine
5. Garnish with rose petals and fresh, whole raspberries.
6. Enjoy!

Happy Styling (and sipping!) x GIGI&TOM

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