How Barbie and Bows Took Over Our Homes

How Barbie and Bows Took Over Our Homes

Fantasy Meets Femininity in Cottage Coquette: Where Innocence and Interiors Intersect

In direct contrast to the girl boss movement of the last few years has come the revival of the innocent ingenue; a soft, feminine embrace of our youth and sweet motifs that signal simpler times, soft hearts, and all things girly. Pinks, pastels, bows and flowers have taken over our social feeds and social lives; from ballerina-core makeup to bouncy blow-outs styled with bows, meticulous manicures in nice-girl nudes to beautiful buttercream cake creations piped to perfection. And while fashion, food, hair and make-up may have led the trend first and foremost, it wasn’t long before our insta feeds were fed with interior trends that befitted our very own Barbie dreamhouse. And yes, mortgage rates may keep our dream house closer to the realm of dreams than reality, but it hasn’t stopped us from adorning our décor with dainty bows and delicate frills that befit simpler times and sweet saccharine style.

State the Stats:
The numbers don’t lie when it comes to our communal love of all things pretty in pink, and counting!

#barbiecore posts
634k Instagram | 71k TikTok
#coquette posts
1.9m Instagram | 1.4m TikTok
#cottagecore posts
5.3m Instagram | 1.7m TikTok

So just how can you re-create your very own slice of sweet interior pie?
Whether you’re looking for a floor to ceiling pink palace, or cheap thrills from pink frills and bows, here at Gigi & Tom we’ve rounded up our crème de la femme picks that’ll have you pirouetting to pilates and bowing to bow-mania all at the click of a button.

So slip into your favourite pink silk and hit play on miss Lana del Rey as we prepare to delve deep into our very own summertime sadness, bid adieu to summer and bunker down into your very own Barbie dream house.

Shop our cute as a button curation of Cottage Coquette inspired picks, for all ages. 

Happy Styling x GIGI&TOM

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