Styling Chocolate: The Shade Good Enough to Eat

Styling Chocolate: The Shade Good Enough to Eat

Create a Willy Wonka-esque Wonderland with chocolate inspired shades to create a cosy interior space worthy of curbing or cranking your chocaholic cravings.

Smooth. Rich. Creamy.
Three words synonymous with the wonder that is chocolate!
With World Chocolate Day on July 7th quite literally, chomping at the bit, what better time than to be inspired by everyone’s favourite tasty treat by indulging in a chocolate-inspired colour palette fit for winter. Calling all chocaholics, whether you’re team white (no hate), milk or dark this neutral-toned colour palette inspired by the majestic cocoa bean delivers easy-to-style shades in spades.

Why Chocolate belongs in your DP – Dream Pad, and your Dessert Plate:

  • Adds instant cosiness to interiors
  • Adds warm, flattering light to your space
  • Pairs well with nudes, brights and pastel shades
  • Light shades are a dream for disguising dust if the cleaning fairy’s been busy
  • Dark shades are a dream for disguising spills or stains
  • Versatility: Warm-coloured browns pop with golden accents and décor while cooler hues like greige and ash-based browns work beautifully with chrome, gunmetal and silver homewares
  • Multi-trending: Pending how the colour is styled, you can lean into many interior design trends from 70’s retro to rustic cabin chic to Mob Wife luxe

Complementary Colours:
While the neutral colour spectrum is filled with a variety of shades from buff to beige to brown, the true beauty of nude colours is their versatility and compatibility with other brighter and more pigmented shades in the colour wheel. Play with complementary colours in your chocolatey interiors with these lush colour combinations that add a pop of personality:

Pale Blue + Cocoa
Baby Pink + Mahogany
Latte + Tangerine
Nude + Apricot
Beige + Grapefruit

Pantone colour swatch of Brown Hues + Complementary Colours 

Textural Delights:
No we’re not referring to nutty or soft-centred (but if we were, coconut rough all the way!). With tepid temperatures comes a natural gravitational pull towards textured furnishings that feel soft and warm to the touch. Combine the natural seasonal shift with the still-trending Mob Wife aesthetic which champions plush materials and fabrics in rich colours; the time is now to embrace cocoa-coloured furnishings in an array of textures. A meltingly magical match made in heaven, warm chocolatey colours work harmoniously with soft textures like velvet, boucle, shag, fur (faux!) and wool. Swap out soft furnishings and décor accessories like throws, blankets, accent pillows and rugs for warmer, textural materials to easily update the interior aesthetic of your space.

Feeling inspired? Hit the snack aisle and stock up on your favourite chocolate blocks as you prepare for a night of pinteresting chocolatey interiors that prove there’s nothing boring about beige to brown. 

Happy Styling x GIGI&TOM

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