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Unlock The Key to Antiquity: Greco-Roman Homewares

Transport your home with Neo-Classicool pieces inspired by timeless treasures and ancient artifacts steeped in Greco-Roman design.

We’re unearthing the fundamental tenets of Greco-Roman design as we deep dive into this timeless trend; from urn-shaped earthenware to textures of marble, travertine and ceramic, grandiose proportions and a subdued colour palette inspired by the earth.

We all know the adage Rome wasn’t built in a day. The meaning behind this phrase, that it takes time to craft a thing of beauty, can be seen through the meticulous and exacting designs that brought the Eternal City to life over two and a half thousand years ago.

And it’s all just a little bit of history repeating…

What keeps Greco-Roman design resurrecting?

Neutral Colour Palette:
Nudes, browns, terracotta and pops of rust make for a great tonal base to build your interiors off of. This pared back, warm colour palette was born from the materials and terrain of Ancient Greece and Rome where a dry, hot climate prevails. Today, a neutral colour palette can provide a calm and decluttered feel to your interiors, or conversely serves as an excellent blank canvas for bold colours to pop against.

Durable Materials:
Naturally sourced materials such as marble, granite, terracotta, limestone and sandstone were key to Ancient Greek and Roman architecture. The structure and stability these materials offer make them equally prized today, whether selecting them as building materials or decorative homewares. The weightiness of these materials as well as their durable nature make them ideal options for outdoor décor, furniture, planters and vases; an attractive quality for outdoor entertaining enthusiasts and endless summer nights.

Curve Appeal:
We’re arching our way back to Ancient Greece and Rome where the iconic principal Ancient architectural orders (Doric, Ionic, Corinthian) prevailed. The instantly recognisable columns and arches seen across famous Greek and Italian monuments set the blueprint for architectural excellence which we still see in modern design today. Vaulted ceilings, arched doorways and columns (from simple to fluted to scrolled and ornate) provide a gateway to Ancient Greece, adding tactile sensuality to your space through the curves and rounded shapes.

Not So Quiet Luxury:
If opulence and grandeur are de rigueur, then Greco-Roman design holds the key to your figurative castle. From grandiose proportions to luxe materials, this versatile aesthetic has the scope to take your home from rustic to riches dependent on your execution of the style. If you’re looking to recreate something as colossal as the Colosseum, as palatial as the Pantheon, then we suggest marvelling in the magic of marble or the greatness of granite. These opulent materials can be sprinkled throughout the home as book ends, trinket dishes, or serving trays; or pushed to the extravagant extreme with floor to ceiling tiling in bathrooms, marble kitchen countertops and plinths to display your objects d’art.

Lastly, what keeps this trend everlasting?
It’s unwavering ability to satisfy our wanderlust as we wonder over the beauty of the Ancient World.

Our final word of advice; avoid your space morphing into a museum by selecting and styling Greco-Roman pieces with a playful twist. Add intrigue to your interiors with colourful terrazzo that celebrates ceramics with a contemporary twist, unexpected moulds that update classic shapes like the lips on our Baci and Bisous urn-shaped vases, or ancient busts in psychedelic colours.

Happy Styling x GIGI&TOM

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