Current Trends: Entertaining & Serveware

Current Trends: Entertaining & Serveware

Current Trends: Entertaining & Serveware

Collating the right entertaining and serveware pieces has the potential to elevate the personality of any home. Take a read at some of the ways this home decor category is trending!

Nostalgic and vintage pieces of serveware have made a comeback. These pieces bring a sense of comfort to any home and tablescape.  

Styling tables as a destination is hot! During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, when the world was housebound, people’s imaginations ran wild as they turned to styling their homes with destination fueled entertaining and serveware pieces. For example, the Amalfi Coast is represented through the surge of crockery and napkins covered in lemons, rustic blue paint designs, and tall candles.  

Speaking of lemons, fruit designs have quickly grown traction within the entertaining and serveware category.  Bright and vibrant coloured fruit-shaped bowls, plates, mugs and cutlery bring a cute and unique vibe to any dining room table!

Also don't forget that Maximalism is the new Minimalism. Entertaining and serveware pieces that have colour, height and texture are at the heart of the maximalist theme. These rich treasures showcase aspects of people’s personalities and cultures.

Happy Styling x GIGI&TOM

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