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Entertaining Essentials: Why Staying In, Is In

Light the candles, pop the bubbly, sync up Spotify – we’re trading FOMO for JOMO so you can rock that hostess crown in the cosy comfort of your own home from dusk till dawn.

Every girls’ night in has some key essentials that equal maximum entertaining success.
We’ve curated a selection of must-haves that will add ambience, serve style, and make entertaining easy breezy beautiful, magazine cover worthy.

Drink Up:
Mocktail, cocktail, sparkling or still – we recommend having both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink options for your guests so that no-one is left out. Elevate the drinking experience no matter what you’re serving with unique, fun and playful drinkware from cocktail glasses to tumblers or coupes that’ll add the spark to sparkling water or wine!

Invest in stylish and functional glass pitchers, jugs or carafes. These not only ensure your guests are kept glowy and hydrated but reduce your needing to pop back and forth to the kitchen, as well as decadently displaying gorgeously garnished drinks like fruity Sangria or Pimms.

Hot Host Tip:
- Prep garnishes ahead of time so drinks are ready to go, fuss-free and speedily served. Slice lemons, limes and oranges in advance; have mint or other herbs washed and dry; keep those ice trays refilled!
- Keep your glassware in the fridge ahead of time for an extra cool, icy-cold cocktail experience.

Snack time:
Uber who? Uber YOU!
We’re shamelessly clinging onto the #girldinner trend that makes a meal out of simple snacks and easy to prep morsels from packet to plate. All you really need to ensure a stellar snack smorgasbord is a generous serving tray or charcuterie board plied with your preferred mix of cheese, nuts, dried and fresh fruit, crackers, olives, cold meats, crudites and dips. The rest is really up to you – there are no rules when it comes to girl dinner so why not add some sweet treats as well like chocolate covered strawberries, sweet and salty popcorn or golden honeycomb – because life’s too short to wait for dessert.

Prep your board in advance and keep covered as you set out cute coasters, protective placemats, cheese knives, napkins and side plates. Bon Appetit!

Hot Host Tip:
- Remove soft cheeses from the fridge 30-60 minutes before serving. This allows the cheese to soften as well as come to room temperature which imparts the true flavour intensity.

Amp up the Ambience:
Now you’ve mastered the drinks and food, let’s talk about mood!
Whether you’ve gone with a theme (pyjama party is a personal favourite) or keeping it low key, there are easy ways to add your signature style to the night. We like to focus on the trifecta of flowers, scent and soundtrack. A well-curated playlist is always a vibe; just be warned shuffle will most likely cue one of your guilty pleasure tracks! Fresh or dried flowers paired with a beautiful vase will boost the cosy, homey mood of the evening while indoor plants bring the outside in, a win/win for staying in without feeling shackled down. Lastly, dim the lights and drink and dine by candlelight instead. It’s good for the planet, great for your electricity bill, and even better for that flattering, gentle low.

Hot Host (Safety) Tip:
- As a general rule of thumb, candles should not stay lit for more than 3 hours at a time. Worried you might forget amongst all the fun? Opt for a scented reed diffuser instead.

Explore our Entertaining Essentials curation of kitchen and drinkware to source all your night in needs – then hit the group chat and mark your calendar, this is your personal reminder to lock in your besties before they’ve bunkered down for the winter.

Happy Styling x GIGI&TOM

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