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Glassware Guide: Cheers to World Cocktail Day

We’ve polished our wisdom and pounded the proverbial pavement to deliver a tasty tutorial on classic cocktail drinkware shapes to pair with your preferred poison.

This World Cocktail Day, join the Gigi & Tom team as we wistfully dream of warmer temps, poolside sojourns and al fresco entertaining with our favourite cocktail in hand. A cruel irony that World Cocktail Day falls on a Monday this year, we in the office will be counting down till 5pm for a cheeky cocktail or tasty tipple to take the edge off the start of the working week. (Just what we all need to keep Monday spirits high after last Monday’s Met Gala madness!)

More than just a satisfying spirit; cocktails epitomize the idea of celebration.
The cocktails long, varied and at times tumultuous history has seen this category of drink morph from its conception in the 1800’s to the liquid libations we find in bars, modern speakeasys and in our own homes these days. With a litany of variations, the modern cocktail is a marvel of mixology; embellished with herbs, foams, mists and aromas that elevate the experience.

And while the beverage itself may boost dopamine levels, so too can the colourful and creative drinkware it is sipped from, whether it be a classic tumbler, goblet, crystal coupe, champagne flute or more.

The Shape of Things to Sip
Need help selecting the right drinkware for you? While we are firm believers that rules are meant to be broken in light of personal preferences and tastes, there is a symbiotic science between glassware shape and spirit which can positively or negatively impact your drinking experience regarding temperature, potency, dilution and aroma of your beverage.

Here’s a quick rundown of commonly found glassware shapes to ease your shopping selection and maximise your drinking experience:

Tumbler: A highly versatile and staple drinkware shape, the simple Tumbler comes in many aesthetic varieties from plain to crystal-cut glass and more, however, a straight-sided 90 degree angle shape is generally utilised to allow for easy muddling, stirring and the ability to hold a large ice-cube which has become de rigueur when serving cocktails such as an Old Fashioned or Negroni (a large, single ice-cube is preferred for these spirit forward drinks to slow down the melting of ice and dilution of the drink).

Highball: A tall, generally uniform cylindrical shaped glass, a Highball is traditionally used when serving long drinks such as a Gin & Tonic, Tom Collins or non-alcoholic refreshment like a Lemon, Lime & Bitters. It’s larger capacity and height works well with drinks served over ice or with a carbonated mixer.

Coupe: Traditionally associated with Champagne, this slender stemmed, wide-mouthed glass serves style and versatility in spades. It’s shallow yet wide shape is the perfect partner for cocktails served “up”, meaning strained and without ice, such as an Espresso Martini, Gimlet or Daiquiri. The thin stem allows the glass to be elegantly held without warming the liquid contents, ensuring a crisp and cool drinking experience.

Flute: Elegant, slender, often slightly tapered mouth and always with a fine, thin stem; the Champagne Flute epitomises class and old Hollywood glamour. This delicate drinkware is perfectly paired with Champagne or Sparkling wines due to its minimal surface area which helps preserve the bubbles for longer. A staple shape, this glass can take you from morning to night from popular, brunch-related beverages like Mimosa’s or a Buck’s Fizz to celebratory Champagne toasts.

Hurricane: Va va voom - this voluptuous number is synonymous with tiki tropical vibes. The tall, curvaceous hourglass shaped glass is perfect for serving long, fruity drinks made with several ingredients commonly found in tiki bars. Show off your drinks vibrant rainbow colours in a clear glass Hurricane in cocktails like a Tequila Sunrise, Singapore Sling or Pina Colada.

Margarita Glass: Like the name suggests, this iconic glass is a staple for serving Margarita’s in all iterations, whether it be frozen, iced or strained. The large, round bowl sits atop a slender stem with a larger, wide-brimmed bowl for the mandatory salt, sugar or tajin rim. With a greater capacity than a coupe, the Margarita glass has ample space for fruity garnishes and lime slices.

Curious what the team at Gigi & Tom will be cheersing with this World Cocktail Day? Be inspired by our teams’ tipples of choice.

Buyer’s beverage of choice:
Our Buyer can’t go past a Negroni served in one of our Glass Tumblers. This 3-ingredient classic cocktail is smooth, strong and a little bit dry, just like our sassy Scorpio.

Marketing’s mixology of choice:
It’s only natural that our bubbly Marketing team craves an Aperol Spritz after a long photoshoot day. This refreshing, summery drink served in one of our colourful Cocktail Glasses has endless fizz just like team Marketing!

CEO’s cocktail of choice:
Two words, Tequila and Tonic. Our energetic CEO is busy making plans into reality so a simple two ingredient drink whipped up in seconds is the perfect salvation, served in one of our short or tall Cocktail Glasses (pending the tequila to tonic ratio!)

Last but certainly not least, it wouldn’t be fair to skip the rowdiest members of the team – the dogs of Gigi & Tom. And while our furry friends may be under the legal drinking age, they won’t be forgotten, with a round of White Russian inspired pooch-friendly puppuccinos (sans alcohol of course!)

Sip joyously, drink wisely this World Cocktail Day with Glassware pieces for the perfect mocktail or cocktails. Cheers!

Happy Styling x GIGI&TOM

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