GigiandTom How to Style your Home with the Memphis Design

How to Style your Home with the Memphis Design

How to Style your Home with the Memphis Design

Introducing our newest Collection Trend, Memphis! Memphis is a postmodern style that emerged in the 1980s in Italy. More than 40 years since its creation, Memphis Design shows no signs of going out of style given its furnishings are renowned as pieces of sculptural art.

The Memphis style brings whimsical, fun, and bright vibes to any room. It is known for vibrant colours and geometric shapes, having the ability to imbue any space with a sense of character. The bold, colourful and light-hearted style is popular for being disruptive to the status quo.

 Interested in bringing some Memphis style into your Home? Here are 5 easy ways you can incorporate Memphis into your home.

  1. Colour - Incorporate the use of bright, primary colours. Even a repeating black and white element encapsulates the essence of Memphis design.
  2. Geometric shapes – checkered patterns are key, you can incorporate them into your home through pieces such as vases, cushions, drinkware / coasters, artwork, and even rugs and mats.
  3. Abstract designs – whether it be large eye-catching statement pieces such as an accent lounge chair or mirror, or smaller pieces such as sculptures, vases and candle holders, bold abstract shapes elevate the Memphis style in any room.

Happy Styling x GIGI&TOM

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