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Key to Acing Autumn New Season Styling

Farewell fair weather, hello hygge! It’s time to bunker down and stay warm with fabrics, colours and scents that signal seasons end.

Feeling the change of season blues? Dive into deeper hues and embrace cooler climes with rich colours and textiles that suit and soothe the end of summertime sadness.

As daylight savings departs for now and we prepare for brighter mornings but broodier evenings, time spent indoors takes prime position with peak levels of comfort and cosiness the objective.

So why not embrace rather than resist the changing temperatures and use this time to revamp your space for warmth, softness and new season style?

Fall Fabrics and Winter Warmers:

Whether you’re looking to update an existing space or furnish anew, fabric choices play a major role in mastering a mood as well as tinkering with the temperature (without needing to toy with the thermostat).

Tactile, plush and furry fabrics such as velvet, boucle, wool, tweed and flannel are all excellent choices for the cooler months. Better yet, master the art of layering and double down on heat while adding a unique style to your home. Maximise opulent interiors with layered faux furs in complementary colours, embrace eclecticism with purposely clashing patterns such as checks and tartan, or lean into cowboy cabin-chic with leather layered with shag pile rugs for a warm, rustic vibe.

Saturated Shades:

While the warmer months are synonymous with light, bright and airy interiors that keep homes feeling fresh, the cooler months demand richer hues to create a cosy, cocoon-like atmosphere.

We’re not suggesting you overhaul your entire suite of furniture, but now is a great time (and excuse) to make simple swaps to reinvigorate your interior colour palette.

  • In the bedroom:
    • Change bedding from cotton or linen fabrication to flannelette or wool for extra warmth.
    • Swap out crisp, white sheets (yes, we all love a good hotel room inspired bed set but we’re taking a break [like Ross and Rachel] from summer whites for now) in exchange for bedding, pillow covers and duvets in warmer shades of pink, beige, caramel and other earthy tones.
  • In the living room:
    • Utilise your lighting scheme to convey warmth by swapping out cool white globes for soft or warm white lighting – or take it to the next level with coloured lighting in shades of honey or amber.
  • In the bathroom:
    • Swap out white towelling for block colours or patterned options in warm shades like rich ruby, oxblood, mustard yellow or terracotta.
    • Treat yourself to a wintery robe fit for royalty in heavier fabrics like terry towelling or velvet; leave the linen, sayonara the silk, wave goodbye to waffle and ciao to cotton robes till spring returns.

Abundant Accents:

More is more when it comes to creating a cosy and warm atmosphere. From plush pillows to throws and rugs, multi-purpose soft textiles assist in achieving an inviting, inexpensive and cosy look to your space, as well as functionally maintaining warmth within a room. Adding rugs to rooms; whether coastal jute, opulent faux-fur a la Mob Wife, or seventies shag, creates an excellent layer of floor insulation and heat-retention.

Fall Fragrances:

It’s ciao for now to fresh citrus scents and light floral fragrances as you embrace the quintessential flavours of fall with candles and incense in headier scents. Look for fragrances rich in amber, sandalwood, cedarwood, leather and spiced notes that will have your home smelling as cosy and comforting as a freshly baked cinnamon bun!

Happy Styling x GIGI&TOM

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