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Lean Into Animal Instincts with Animalia Interiors

Talk a walk on the wild side with this animal-inspired interior trend that’s full of cheek and charm.

Embark on a taste of the tropics with Animalia, a playful collection that draws upon mid-century motifs in luxe metals. We’re talking monkeys, palms and pineapples with a cheeky cheetah and bounty of birds for good measure.

Why Its Popularity Continues:
The long-withstanding Animalia trend is as adaptable as it is diverse. You might even say it’s a chameleon, capable of changing its spots to suit any style or space! With it’s wild mix of maximalist design, animal prints, tropical motifs and biophilic nod to nature; the execution of this trend is rich and varied. The hit of animal print lends a luxe, exotic glamour to interiors while the popular pineapple speaks to its Mid-Century Modern popularity. A heavy use of palms can steer the trend towards Miami-esque design or when paired with exotic birds and monkeys, has an air of British Colonial aesthetic.

Beyond its versatility, the popularity of the Animalia aesthetic has thrived in a post-covid environment. Our desire for the outdoors, adventure, travel and exotic experiences peaked in a time where we were held under lock and key. So often the case during times of turmoil, art and design offered a reprieve and from that came a renewed appreciation of the natural world. Our interiors became a reflection of the external environment and the flora and fauna that belong to it.

So whether you’re looking to create your own jungle-like sanctuary or take small strides with accessories and homewares, there’s room for all tastes amongst the Animalia Kingdom.

Tips & Tricks:

Monkey magic: Add a cheeky playfulness to your space with quirky homewares from monkey-shaped lamps to tables to bookends for a dose of jungle-inspired fun.

Table styling: Create a tropical oasis tablescape with palm-shaped tableware styled with tropical props of fresh fruit and palm leaves. Serve cocktails or desserts straight from hollowed out pineapples or coconuts for a tasty, tropi-cool spin on serveware.

Plantopia: Nod to nature with the use of feathery foliage prints and patterns on walls, artwork or soft furnishings. The repetitive nature-inspired palm motif adds an airiness to indoor spaces while a refreshing green colour palette adds a realistic feeling of the outdoors.

Spots and stripes: Embrace the eccentric with clashing patterns from the animal kingdom. Unlike in the wild, in your home, it is possible for zebra, cheetah and tiger print to play in harmony. Mix contrasting patterns for a maximalist take or play with scale, utilizing the same animal print across your space in various scales that pares down the intensity of the trend.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s turn your home into a roaring success with our shoppable range of Animalia themed homewares and décor.

Happy Styling x GIGI&TOM

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