Tips for choosing the right Vase GigiandTom

Tips for choosing the right Vase

Tips for choosing the right Vase

It may sound strange but there is a science to pairing the right size and shaped Vases for different types of flowers. Read on to take the guess work out of building the ultimate Vase collection.

The ideal Vase to flower ratio is 2/3 of the stems should be below the top of the vase and 1/3 of the blooms above.

Let's start with long stems. Long stemmed Roses can be as tall as 50cm, so you need a tall Vase of around 30cm with straight or narrow sides to keep the stems upright and flowers together.

A large formal display from a Florist needs a round or wide mouthed Vase that is wider at the bottom, cinched in the middle and flared at the top. This is because formal arrangements tend to be wide rather than tall so a wide-mouthed Vase will allow the blooms to flare out nicely whilst still being supported through the stem.

Natives and dried arrangements are generally all about the bloom and not the stems. A good way to make the most of this type of arrangement is to pair with ceramic Vases in a neutral tone to show off their beauty.

Bud Vases are perfect for single short stem or handpicked posies from your garden, they keep your flowers well supported whilst not being so large that your flowers flop over.

Propagation Vases are perfect for growing cuttings, they are usually made from glass to maximise light to the roots and so that you can clearly see when your cuttings have taken root.

Having a Vase Collection of different sizes and shapes means you'll always be making the most of your gorgeous blooms.

Happy Styling x GIGI&TOM

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