Winter Launch: Warm Your Walls with Wild Art

Winter Launch: Warm Your Walls with Wild Art

Winter’s officially here and with it, our seasonal depression! Enter the timely launch of our latest wacky and wild Wall Art to inject a heavy hit of dopamine décor to your at-home or office gallery.

Punchy, vibrant and pouncing full of personality, our artistic new additions take inspiration from fierce felines, Picasso-like cubism and envy enticing European seascapes to inject your space with a kaleidoscope of colour no matter your taste. From kitschy inspired pieces to modern interpretations of classical works, we’re confident there’s a piece of art that will steal a piece of your heart. Within our tight capsule collection you will find a variety of styles to assist in creating your own at-home gallery full of vibrancy to beat away the winter blues.

The Whole Kitsch & Kaboodle:
Roar into the latest retro revival with this wacky micro collection that’s positively purring with 70’s retro chic references from big hair to bigger glasses in shades of shocking pink, burnt orange and gorgeous greens. Kneel into all thing’s kitsch with colourful canvases that pop against your walls for a home gallery that’s straight out of Studio 54. Gather your leopard print, flares and aviators - it’s Go-Go time!

Modern Graffiti:
Street style aesthetic meets high-brow culture in this explosively colourful range of mixed media paintings that add the cool factor to classic pieces like Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa to Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer Girl with the Pearl Earring. Boldly coloured ornate frames add a unique take to these classical pieces which have been treated with impasto strokes to add an abstract layer; offering a modern, accessible interpretation to these classical works for the avant-garde aficionado.

Mediterranean Dreaming:
Whether it’s the Mediterranean heaving with summer tourists or the quieter Adriatic coast, the non-stop partying of Mykonos or the under the radar beauty of Malta, our oversized seaside panoramas are the perfect antidote to soothe a severe case of wanderlust. Hung side by side, they create a showstopping vista; the ideal backdrop for girl’s nights in gossiping over Aperol’s and planning dreamy escapes.

Call Me Cubism:
Picasso on a penny, our two cubist pieces offer a slice of the talented Spaniard’s style with their distinct colour palette, geometric cubist forms and facial subject matter. Framed in striking ornate timber frames in unexpected, contrasting aqua blue, these paintings offer a friendly face to your space year-round.

Peruse our gallery of paintings at your leisure, designed to maximise your artistic pleasure.

Happy Styling x GIGI&TOM

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