Collection of Gigi & Tom Framed Oil Paintings

Five Simple Steps to Master Your Home Gallery

Our 101 Guide to Perfect Placement, Position and Proportion of Paintings to Dress Your Walls.

Celebrate daily delights as you smell the proverbial, Provincial, roses with a capsule collection of still life inspired paintings that remind us to pause, admire and reflect on life’s simple pleasures. From bouquets of flowers to bowls of fruit, baguettes and butter or bottles of Champagne and Chablis, our 101 guide makes styling artwork fun and easy.

1. If These Walls Could Talk: Consider colours and texture of your wall’s surface and whether this complements or competes with your chosen artwork. A white wall will work well with any painting whereas a bright colour might overpower more muted tones.

framed still life oil painting of fruit on a navy and white picnic rug

2. SOS from Sunlight: Protect your paintings from direct sunlight or harsh UV lights to prevent fading and damage.

3. Play with Proportion: Fill large spaces with grand pieces or group smaller pieces for a balanced approach between artwork and blank space.
Pro tip: Use a virtual mock-up tool like Wallary, WallApp or Artsee before picking up nail and hammer when grouping multiple paintings to ensure you’re happy with the placement of your paintings.

Stylized interior white side table, ceramic vase, floral oil painting and mustard boucle armchair

4. Match Mood, Setting and Subject: Mirror the mood of your room with the subject and themes of your artwork. Still life themes such as fruit, wine and picnic scenes work best in kitchen or dining spaces versus bedroom and bathrooms.

5. Dynamic Displays: Experiment with non-traditional ways to display your artwork that don’t require hanging (particularly if you’re indecisive or renting). Lean against walls or prop against shelves for flexibility.

framed still life oil painting of pears

Turn your space into a gallery of self-expression as you let your artistic flair take flight. Remember, rules are meant to be broken so have some fun and creative liberty as you follow this guide to nailing your home gallery.

Happy Styling x GIGI&TOM

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