GigiandTom Brighten Up your Space with Vases

Brighten Up your Space with Vases

Brighten Up Your Space with Vases

Vases freshen up any space in an instance when paired with a beautiful seasonal bouquet or plant. They are highly versatile, being able to hold both flowers, and stand alone as statement décor pieces. Current vase trends you don't want to ignore include small vases, propagation vases, and asymmetrical vases. 

Small Vases

The functionality of small vases has made them highly popular in brightening any interior space. Instead of spending big on a large bouquet, simply placing a a few flower stems into a small vase is an effective style solution, whilst bringing a dainty, cute aesthetic to your space. Their size allows them to be placed anywhere in the house – a windowsill, desk or side table usually hold empty spaces that need a little more love.  

Propagation Vases

Propagation vases are an easy way to expand your plant and flower collection. These vases allow you to easily grow your favourite florals whilst displaying them in style.

Asymmetrical Vases

Asymmetry has taken over the vase category. These uniquely shaped pieces catch the eye, making them great statement pieces for any corner of your home! Place them on your dining room table, kitchen bench or coffee table to elevate the quirky vibe of your space.

Happy Styling x GIGI&TOM

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