How to style your Home with Modern Maximalism GigiandTom

How to style your Home with Modern Maximalism

How to style your Home with Modern Maximalism

There is no joy in shades of grey. This season, add grey to your wardrobe where its trending, but move away from minimalism in your Home. It’s time to embrace eclectic Maximalism – but never fear, we haven’t forgotten Marie Condo, it’s not about clutter and chaos! It’s about colour & curation.

Modern Maximalist home décor is about fun, joy & glamour – all the things we need in our lives right now. The key to Maximalist decorating is colour as the foundation (and lots of it) paired with bold patterns, layers of texture, interesting shapes & striking golden accents. Maximalist style is a great way to showcase & highlight the pieces that bring you joy and your personality, which really make your House feel like an individual Home.

The idea and word ‘Maximalism’ can increase the heart rate but start slowly so you aren’t overwhelmed and choose pieces with intention... Let us help you make it easy & curated!

1. Start with colour as your base. You must have a bold colour palette. If you love wallpaper, now is the time!

2. Make a statement with large accent pieces as your foundation that you can build upon & around. These pieces have transformational wow factor and anchor the space – an amazing Bar Cart, an eye-catching Chair, a head-turning Mirror.

3. When dressing the space thinking about layering patterns & texture: geometric prints, florals & animal prints are easy places to start. 

4. Be brave & have fun!

Happy Styling x GIGI&TOM

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