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How To Select the Right Vase for Your Florals

Unearth Tips, Tricks and Inspiration to Make Your Vase Selection a Shopping Success.

Shopping for the perfect vessel to show off your flowers? We’ve laid down the green thumb groundwork with perfectly paired vase & flower combinations to cultivate your own zen-like sanctuary.

Not a fan of flowers? Decorating on a budget? Our round-up of vase and planter styles work equally well sans blooms, delivering all the style, zero the hay fever.


Sweet & Petite:
Mini in size, maxi in style, small bud vases are the perfect option for adding a pop of character to small spaces. Whether perched on floating shelves, desks, bedside tables, windowsills or bathroom vanities, a bud vase can be a cost-effective way to style your space without breaking the budget. Their mini size means they require minimal flowers, making this petite vase style a win/win in style and savings. A wonderful gift option for office Secret Santa, Galentine’s Day or a Thinking of You gift.

Gorgeous & Grand:
Large scale vases deliver showstopping style in grand proportions. Elevate your entryway with an oversized vessel set at eye-level on an entrance table or console that will instantly capture visitors’ attention. The larger the vase, generally the more impactful the blooms should be to be able to hold their own. Try styling a large vase with bold florals like natives and botanicals, large florals like sunflowers or tall stemmed flowers like birds of paradise or irises. Given the scale of flowers needed to keep a large vase looking plentiful, we suggest a chic combination of dried flowers and pampas grass to keep your abundant bouquet looking fresh year-round without needing constant replenishment.


Cylinder: The classic column, cylinder or hurricane shape is one of the most user-friendly vases for beginners to style. Cylindrical vases offer great support for flowers that tend to droop such as tulips and gerberas, and work wonderfully grouped in a set of three vases in differing heights.
Top tip: Strip stems of foliage first to eliminate bulkiness; this will allow your bouquet to fit more easily into this slender vase style and draw focus to the flowers.

Rectangular and Cube: It’s hip to be square! The geometry of a square or rectangular shaped vase can be intimidating to style and fill but this shape works equally well with flowers or plants. Tall, rectangular shapes work excellently with large foliage and greenery like banana leaves or if flowers are more your style, take advantage of the height and fill with tall-stemmed options like hydrangeas, calla lilies or gladioli. Square vases tend to be smaller and shorter and require plentiful blooms to fill the wide, open mouth of this shape. We recommend filling the vase first with stones or pebbles to offer a supportive base for the stems to sink into and keep your flowers supported and upright.

Fishbowl: Add curve appeal to your home with a classic glass fishbowl shaped vase or contemporary ceramic interpretation. This round, squat shape works perfectly on round side, coffee or dining tables or styled with a slender, taller shaped vase for contrasting height. Lean into the fishbowl aesthetic and fill the vase with stones before adding blooms, or take a feminine, whimsical approach and fill with short stemmed bountiful bouquets that will spill around and cover the opening such as roses, dahlias or peonies.

Urn: It’s a Greco-Roman revival! Whether glass or ceramic, this traditional style vase comes in all shapes and sizes; with handles (like a traditional Amphora vase); balanced or asymmetrical; tall and slender or short and squat. Glass options deliver a vintage vibe to spaces, whereas ceramic urns work excellently amongst neutral tones, in outdoor settings, or with wabi-sabi interior styles. The curved silhouette of an urn means this vase works equally well as a sculptural décor piece, but if you do want to style with blooms there are a few different looks you can try.

  • Minimal styling: Embrace the roots of this vase shape with a few sparse olive leaf stems.
  • Romantic styling: Fill with cascading blooms in feminine colours such as amaranthus and bougainvillea.
  • Maximal styling: Work with the hourglass silhouette of urns by filling with a plentiful bouquet that will cover the wide, open-mouth style of this shape. Play with texture, colour and flower sizes to create an eye-catching display.

Pitcher, Jug or Carafe: Fall into the cottagecore trend with this rustic vase shape that lends a nostalgic vibe to arrangements. This vase shape works well with colourful, bright blooms that spark a sense of casual, rural joy like gerberas, daisies, and delicate baby’s breath. A great option for outdoor dining and entertaining areas.

Mason Jar: Keep it casual with a simple mason jar. Whether new or upcycled, this small in stature shape is an excellent choice for farmhouse style settings and dining arrangements, allowing diners to easily see each other and converse. Lean into the relaxed style of this vase with a small mixed bouquet of flowers. Keep stems short to maintain balance and stability of the vase.

Happy Styling x GIGI&TOM

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