Styled black and white checked side table with glass decor items besides rust coloured armchair

The Key to Successful Side Table Styling

Take your Side Table from sidekick to main character with tips and tricks on styling, selecting and maximising your space with this quiet achiever.

Smaller than a coffee table, more functional than a console, a side table offers a chance to show off your style while maximising storage in space-saving ways. From glass to marble to timber to acrylic and more, it’s easy to suffer from decision paralysis when selecting your favourite “side” off the interior menu. But don’t be fooled by the name or their smaller size, a well-chosen side table can draw more attention and have a larger impact on your room’s aesthetic than the main course (looking at you lounge, dining table and coffee table). Because they are smaller, often more budget-friendly, and easily transported; the lure to choose a piece that’s a bit punchier in colour, shape or material can be less daunting.

So what’s the key to a good Side Table?

1. Choose the Right Height: Believe it or not, in a world where tall seems to = better, when it comes to side tables, they generally should measure a few centimetres below the accompanying armchair or sofa. This works visually as well as functionally, so that food, drinks, remote controls and other trinkets are comfortably within reach when seated.

2. Storage Storage Storage: While not every style of side table offers a smorgasbord of storage, there are some clever shapes and designs that offer storage beyond the surface. Think cleverly carved out curves perfect for storing books and magazines or drawers to keep unsightly remotes and cords hidden; a key advantage for apartment living and small spaces.

3. Material: Like Madonna said, “we are living in a material world” and material matters! There is no right or wrong material choice for your side table, it is dependent on your own personal style, functional needs of the table and the interior aesthetic of the existing space. Utilize the material as an extension of the room’s personality; generally wooden side tables lean more traditional in style, marble, granite or travertine amp up the luxe stakes, and clear or transparent materials like glass, resin or acrylic add a contemporary feel to the space, working particularly well in small or dark spaces due to their reflective nature.

So how do you successfully style a side table to give this supporting star a touch of main character energy? Follow these tips and tricks to perfecting your accent table (and as always, have fun and don’t forget to inject your own flair into styling)

Pick Your Purpose
How you style your side table largely depends on its desired function and location.
Are you wanting to add to the design of a room? Create a mood? Serve a function? Increase storage options?

These are all questions to ask yourself when accessorising your table.
Luckily, these aren’t fixed furnishings so you can chop and change the location, function and decoration of your table as you please. However, if you’re after a little inspiration we’ve got you covered from all sides (pun intended).

Boosting the Design Aesthetic with a Side Table
Let your interior flag fly sky high with a side table that cements the look and feel of your space. Whether you’re honing in on Maximalist design with a boldly coloured side table or channeling Mid-Century Modern design with popular palm motifs, the humble side table can pack a punch. Add decorative touches that amp up your chosen style; think marble and gold decorative dishes and sculptures for mob wife glamour, pastel lacquered pieces for coquette romanticism or neutral ceramics in matte finishes for quiet luxury. Play around and have fun with the aesthetic of your side table from (table) top to bottom!

Creating a Mood with a Side Table
Cosy corner: Create a soft and serene ambiance with purposely chosen décor items that cultivate a zen-like state in calm corners of the home. For a romantic and calm mood, style with a vase filled with flowers and scented candles or an oil burner. The soft glow of candlelight is gentler on the eyes than overhead lights (and more flattering!) Double down on relaxation with calming scents of lavender or eucalyptus, or enhance a romantic date night vibe with smoky, woody fragrances in notes of leather, musk and patchouli. 

Creating a Functional Space for Your Side Table
Book nook: Whether your idea of heaven is indulging in chick lit, seeking inspiration from a coffee table book or perusing a cookbook for dinner inspiration, a side table set beside a plush armchair provides a great spot to keep your latest read handy. Add a bud vase to your stack of books to sweeten the styling, ensuring to strike a balance between décor items and negative space so your side table also shines.

Increasing Storage Options with a Side Table
Failing to find the fun in functional furniture? A new wave of design-led pieces are bridging the gap between boring and beautiful, with ergonomic shapes and creative cutaways that allow storage to seamlessly be in-built to your side table. Look for pieces that have hidden draws to hide remotes, swivel tops that can contain knick-knacks like coasters, playing cards and corkscrews, or curved shapes designed to contain books, magazines and papers.

Feeling inspired? Shop our range of ever-changing Side Tables and dazzling décor items for styling made easy.

Happy Styling x GIGI&TOM

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