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3D Stacked Soy Taper Candle Blue

3D Stacked Soy Taper Candle Blue

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Mix and match colourful Soy Taper Candles for a melt-worthy display

Let your childish creativity run free with this stackable soy wax taper candle in mixed shapes and shades of blue.

Why You'll Love It ...

• Soy Wax Blend: Soft wax with opaque appearance
• Approx. 3hr burn time
• Versatile: Embrace your creativity and mix and match the stacked shapes into playful shapes.
• Unscented / Fragrance Free
• Smokeless
• Thick base is designed for use without requiring a candle holder
• Pair with a decorative plate as this candle will drip melted wax when lit


16cm H x 6.2cm W

Content & Care

Keep out of direct sunlight .Soy Wax

Country of Origin


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