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Gigi & Tom

Bouquet Soy Taper Candle 4 Pack Lilac

Bouquet Soy Taper Candle 4 Pack Lilac

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Add bright candlelight to your home with dainty floral printed Taper Candles

Illuminate your dreamy spaces with delicately printed lilac Taper Candles in soft soy wax. Embellished with a charming floral pattern almost too darling to light!

Why You'll Love It ...

• 4 Pack of Candles
• Soy Wax Blend: Soft wax with opaque appearance
• Approx. 3hr burn time
• Floral printed design
• Unscented / Fragrance Free
• Smokeless
• Fits most standard taper candle holders
• Pair with a decorative plate as this candle will drip melted wax when lit


Content & Care

Do not leave lit candles unattended, near open windows, curtains or on flammable surfaces. Always use a candle plate.Soy Wax

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